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What plants would you like in your garden?

Spring flowers

Once you’ve got a garden design plan, it’s time to look at the detail of your planting plan. Are there any particular plants you especially like – or don’t like?

We will prepare a planting plan for you that takes account of all your preferences, from colour and scent to cost, maintenance and year-round interest. It looks like this:


Seeing what each of the trees, shrubs and plants will look like at different times of year gives you the opportunity to ask for changes before they’re ordered and go in to the ground.

Caring for your plants

We will give you full instructions for caring for each species that will be planted in your garden. Each month, you get an email clearly explaining what you need to do to keep every single plant, shrub and tree fit and healthy.
See a sample monthly care plan here »

Having your plants cared for

If you don’t want to take care of your plants yourself, we can agree an ongoing maintenance contract. And we can visit regularly – from three times a year to once week – to do it for you.

Summer garden


Call or email:

Gary May on 07825 774915,

Kate Savill on 07792 657777,

if you’d like to talk us about what you’d like for your garden.