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What do you want from your garden?

The process of designing your ideal garden starts with establishing everything that you want from it …

To make a small space look bigger, or a large space more intimate? A garden that looks fantastic but requires minimal maintenance? Space to eat out? Space to sit or entertain in the evening? Space for your children to play without risk of something getting broken? Particular colours? Visual interest in winter or after dark? Privacy? A bit of drama, maybe?

We look at your space together and discuss your wish list at our initial meeting (for which there is no charge). After this, we go through everything and calculate the costing.

See how your garden will look

Using special software, we create 3D colour print-outs so you can see – and really get a feel for – how your garden will look.

Garden design 2

Even watch a film of the tree shadows moving!

If our design includes trees, you’ll want to know what effect their shadows will create as the angle of the sun shifts throughout the day. This might influence, for example, where we site your outdoor dining area.

Click on the window below to see how this works.



We will create a detailed plan especially suited for your brief and site…..


09 Wallace - Design Adjustments


Along with mood boards and visuals to help you visualise how your garden will look and feel like.


02b Wallace - Design Inspiration


Call or email:

Gary May on 07825 774915,

Kate Savill on 07792 657777,

if you’d like to talk us about what you’d like for your garden.