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Design and planting for an Arts & Crafts inspired garden…


Here, our client loves the garden’s created by Gertrude Jekyll, from the arts & crafts movement and would like to bring a feeling of that in their garden.

  • lots of colour
  • visual interest throughout the year
  • love’s good flower’s with good scent
  • likes to do some of the maintenance
  • create an area to place swing seat and water feature
  • likes wildflower meadows with daisy like planting


Our solution was to:

  • create a design using the golden section, turning the design diagonally to the house, creating more space and movement in the garden
  • creating different zones, using box hedging and different block planting.
  • plant a mix of grasses  – instead of a wildflower meadow, as space is limited, along with a mix of cornflower plug plants and echinacea giving a longer seasonal interest
  • create a dryer gravel garden, incorporation the swing seat, and water feature, with a good mix of herb planting and other scented plants

If you would like a similar style or looking for something different…

Call or email:

Gary May on 07825 774915,

Kate Savill on 07792 657777,

if you’d like to talk us about what you’d like for your garden.