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A Garden For All Seasons

After major renovations on both the house and driveway, our client wanted to enhance the existing planting with the addition of colour and all-year interest as well as planting up the newly created borders.

Driveway border in high summer


Driveway border in early summer

Each border is underplanted with spring bulbs, then a succession of perennial plants emerge to give a different look and feel as the seasons change.

Side border in autumn

Side border in spring

The garden wraps around the house, enabling us to use a wide variety of plants increasing the interest by using texture, form and colour throughout the year.

As well as the ‘formal’ borders’ we enhanced the front garden orchard by adding in a mix of spring bulbs into the lawn.

Spring garden

We’ve had the pleasure of looking after this garden for 5 years and make subtle changes each year to continue to enhance and improve the visual interest throughout the year.


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