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A Blank Canvas

This new-build house required the entire site to be landscaped and planted. Working closely with our client and Tom Seward from TSLandscapes, we provided planting designs, plants and resource to prepare and plant up all the borders.

The garden is on a steep slope, which gave us both the challenge and the benefit of creating planting schemes that can be viewed from many different angles and heights.

Our client wanted each area to be different but still follow a unifying style, so that when you walk through the garden you gently merge into successive areas.

Each area is planted to give interest throughout the seasons and all have a strong structure from either topiary, trees or sculpture.

Moving away from the house, the garden becomes more naturalistic and structural.

The next phase we are working on is the lower slopes where we have designed landformed banks, which will create walkways through the existing mature oaks and bluebell glade. The planting will enhance the existing flora.

We will update with images as the garden develops…


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