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Friendly and Personable Garden & Landscape Design Service

Creative and imaginative garden and landscape design; influenced by nature, your surroundings and most importantly by you, to achieve the garden you want.

  • Early summer garden

Globe Gardens designed a garden that makes us smile every time we walk into it — they have delivered on a scale way beyond our imagination, let alone our expectation. There is a new little surprise explosion of colour and texture every few weeks as the various plants come alive — we certainly have a garden that lives on through the seasons” Sandy & Colin, Newbury

Globe Gardens is an award winning garden design team who have helped many clients achieve gardens that not only look fantastic but also deliver the practical elements to make it a place you to want to use and spend time in.

We are here to make it really easy for you to have your ideal garden and deliver a garden that makes you smile.


Call or email:

Gary May on 07825 774915,

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Kate Savill on 07792 657777,

if you’d like to talk us about what you’d like for your garden.